Webinar: No Fear Finance

by Guy Fraser-Sampson

Webinar: No Fear Finance
Item #: CNF0512D

Have you recently been thrust into a position of financial responsibility without the proper tools? Were you promoted to a new position and find yourself in financial meetings but feeling excluded from the debate? Are you a new entrepreneur, having to deal with budgets and bank arrangements for the first time?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then you'll want to view our Soundview Live webinar, No Fear Finance with Guy Fraser-Sampson. He takes you through the key business financial issues from stocks and bonds, to liquidity and volatility, and on to income statements and working capital. And he deals with each topic in a clear and easily understandable manner.

Available: audio recording, video recording, slides

  • About basic financial concepts such as the time value of money, and financial instruments including stocks, bonds and derivatives.
  • About the main investment concepts like liquidity, volatility, active versus passive investing and different return measurements.
  • About key accounting matters like balance sheet and income statement analysis, working capital and solvency.
  • About company life cycle events including M&A, capital raising, insolvency.
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  • Summary Release Date: May 2012