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Today's workplace faces constant change as new technologies, processes and business ideas continue to emerge every day. In order for your organization to survive and thrive in an economy fueled by information and innovation, employees need ongoing, team-based education. Soundview empowers collaborative, team-based learning by offering access to the thoughts and ideas of the best minds in business.

A Soundview Team® subscription provides your 5+ person team with professionally-curated executive book summaries, webinars, newsletters, and videos that encompass specific training elements to help your employees maximize their time and gain the essential intelligence they need to flourish in their roles as business leaders.

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Customized Learning for Your Team's Needs

Mapped Competencies

With a Soundview Team subscription, our comprehensive content library is tailored to your business team in order to meet their collective goals, whether immediate, short-term, or long-term. Our mobile-ready content is aligned with core business initiatives and covers such topics as leadership, management, marketing, sales, career development and more. Plus, with more than 60 predefined competencies, we can help narrow your team's focus down to very specific business concerns such as negotiation, trust, productivity, communication, accountability, and a host of others. Soundview works in partnership with you to ensure every aspect of the learning process is customized to your exact requirements: from a uniquely branded curriculum that's exclusive to your team to assessments and analytical reports that monitor ongoing progress.

Soundview Team® Features

Customized Content Library

uniquely branded for your
team or learning initiative

Actionable Content

only the top, most impactful
ideas make it onto our content library

Concise Content

smaller time commitment for
time-starved employees

Subject Matter Experts

content is sourced from the world's
best-selling business book authors

Different Learning Styles

text, audio, and video content, so
there is something for everyone

Reports & Analytics

useful for examining
growth and development

Learning Assessments

optional assessments to gauge
topic comprehension & mastery


device-friendly content through our
web portal or via our iOS/Android app

Who Uses
Soundview Team?

Sales Manager with Team

A group of 8 sales
managers from a mid-size
pharmaceutical company.

Executive Leadership Team
9 Project Leaders

A team of 9 project
leaders from an
educational software firm.

Startup Team
Corporare Learning Manager

The corporate learning
managers from a well-known,
national retailer.

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