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Soundview Standard Edition
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Products in this Collection

  • Image of Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

    Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

    By John C. Maxwell
    Item #: 3704
    To be a successful leader, you need to be asking yourself and your team key questions in order to learn, grow, and develop better ideas. Maxwell shares leadership questions he has gathered from others and from his own experience that will inspire both seasoned leaders and new leaders to ask great questions that will improve their leadership skills and careers.
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  • Image of The 5 Choices

    The 5 Choices

    By Adam Merrill, Leena Rinne, Kory Kogon
    Item #: 3710
    The authors combine research and insights from FranklinCovey to redefine time management in ways that will increase the productivity of individuals, teams and organizations. The 5 Choices will empower individuals to make more selective, high-impact choices about where to invest their valuable time, attention and energy.
    From: $9.00
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  • Image of Becoming Your Best

    Becoming Your Best

    By Steven Shallenberger
    Item #: 3705
    Shallenberger reveals the 12 principles you need to follow in order to reach your highest potential and drive the kind of innovation that turns good companies into industry leaders, all while living a well-balanced personal life.
    From: $9.00
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  • Image of The Power of Thanks

    The Power of Thanks

    By Derek Irvine, Eric Mosley
    Item #: 3713
    Globoforce executives Eric Mosley and Derek Irvine explain how a Culture of Recognition can boost employee engagement and loyalty, stronger teamwork, a more innovative culture, increased customer satisfaction as well as greater profitability and organizational health. Ultimately, they show how to build a better workplace for employees.
    From: $9.00
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  • Image of Leadership Blindspots

    Leadership Blindspots

    By Robert Bruce Shaw
    Item #: 37BS06
    Robert Bruce Shaw helps leaders to identify weaknesses, threats and other vulnerabilities that can impair effectiveness, results and even their careers. Shaw reveals how blindspots operate and why they persist, but also provides techniques for recognizing them and taking action before they create lasting damage.
    From: $9.00
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