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    The Complete SmartTips® Video Library

    The Complete SmartTips® Video Library

    The Complete SmartTips® Video Library

    SmartTips are four-minute videos that teach valuable career skills. With the SmartTips library, you’re instantly connected to more than 300 career-skills videos in one location. Don’t waste another moment trying to sort through dead-end Google searches or outdated, expensive training videos. This is a one-stop skills resource that saves you time and effort.

    - Designed Exclusively for a Business Audience - SmartTips are solely designed for the advancement of business professionals.
    - Professionally Filmed - SmartTips are professionally filmed and feature a simple design that keeps your attention focused on the information being presented.
    - Encourages Self-Paced Learning - SmartTips give you the ability to study and process valuable information in the way that best ensures you will remember it.

    For additional reinforcement, each SmartTip includes a matching transcript in PDF format. Your videos will be integrated into your current Soundview library under the Subject and Competency filters and can also be accessed as a separate collection.

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