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    SmartTips® Managing People Collection

    Item #: PKSSTMPC
    With 32 brief 3-5 minute videos on everything from engagement, to delegation, performance appraisals, conflict resolution and much more, you’ll turn to this library again and again to hone your people skills.
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    SmartTips® Successful Teams Collection

    Item #: PKSSTSTC
    Our SmartTips Successful Teams Collection contains 11 videos that cover the key techniques to making a team work, like dealing with team conflict, building accountability into the team, ways to unify your team and more.
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    SmartTips: 5 Team Unifiers

    Item #: ST150
    Some individuals may perform exceptionally well on their own, but when they're put in a team environment, everything falls apart. In this SmartTips video, we'll discuss five team unifiers.
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