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Online Subscription

Subscribers receive 8-page text and 20-minute audio summaries of the top
business books of the year
in 5 digital formats
(including MP3 audio versions), accessible
anytime, anywhere in their
Personal Online Library.

They also receive 5 FREE Summaries plus access to  Soundview Live interactive events with top authors. Online Subscriptions are as low as $69 a year.

If your site attracts business men and women who want to be more successful,
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We'd like you to recommend Soundview Executive Book Summaries® on your site, in your BLOG or in your subscriber newsletters. When your readers subscribe to Soundview, then you'll earn 20% commissions on all your referrals. This income can add up fast...

Our average sale amount is currently $129 and our average conversion rate is nearly  3%. This is not the performance of just one of our affiliates -- this is a total from all affiliate activity! And your commission rate goes to 25% when your monthly sales exceed $1,000 and even has high as 30% when your sales exceed just $2,500 (that's less than 20 subscriber sign-ups).

There is absolutely no cost for you to participate as one of our valued affiliate partners. 

We use the services of Commission Junction, one of the largest and most respected affiliate networks, to accurately track your referrals and to process timely commission payments to you.

If you are NOT yet a member of Commission Junction, use the link below to join and apply to our affiliate program:

If you are already a Commission Junction member, then log into your CJ account, click on Get Links and search for "Soundview" to apply.

Your site visitors will appreciate your recommendation of a quality service that helps them to become more successful.

Just look at the great benefits your site visitors will realize when you recommend Soundview Executive Book Summaries®...

Our summaries give you and your site visitors an easy way to familiarize yourself with the key points of today's top business books.

Premium Online Subscription

Subscribers enjoy all the benefits of our Online Subscription, PLUS 24/7 access to our 10-year
archive of expertly written business book summaries -- that's 300 of the top business books ever written!

They also receive a $10 iTunes Gift Card when they choose this option. Our Premium Online Subscription
is just $199 annually.


Get Ideas You Can Use - Ideas that will solve problems, advance your career, boost company profits, move your firm into the lead.

Slash Your Reading Time
- You can read our 5,000-word, eight-page print summaries in just 15 minutes, or listen to our specially scripted audio summaries in about 20 minutes.

Gain A Competitive Edge
- Learn new skills, sharpen old ones. Keep abreast of the latest techniques and ideas in business. You’ll be seen as the one in the know -- and you’ll gain confidence.

Learn More. Remember More.
- A Carnegie-Mellon study showed that readers retain more of the content when they read a well-written summary than when they read the book. You will too!

30+ Years of Experience
- Soundview pioneered the idea of business book summaries and we are the experts. We look at hundreds of business books a year and select only the best.

Here are more great benefits of your affiliate partnership with Soundview Executive Book Summaries®...

Our "Return Day" cookies are set at 90 days, so once you refer a prospect you will continue to receive credit for any resulting leads or sales generated by the prospect for up to three months -- regardless of how they return to our site. We also pay a 10% 'two tier' commission rate, when you refer other partners to us.

Our performance tracking is real-time and you can check your stats 24/7.

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We hired the best so you'll prosper the most!  LinkProfits handles the day-to-day management of our Partnership Marketing Channel. The affiliate marketing experts at LinkProfits are there to help you to maximize your earnings from our program. Please don't hesitate to contact our Program Manager, Jim Gribble, any time if you have questions, comments, or if you would like to discuss any special promotion opportunities. Jim's email address is affiliates @ summary . com (remove spaces)

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