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Published since 2001, Executive Book Alert is the definitive resource for staying up-to-date with the latest business books that are being published. Our editors scour book lists, talk with the publishers, and network with top business authors to identify the top books that are scheduled to be released. As they do this, they’ll share their insights and write reviews of these books in this industry-leading newsletter.

Leadership Alert
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Leadership Alert is a free, topic-driven newsletter that keeps executives current on the latest in leadership thinking; including inspirational stories, leadership tips and tactics, biographies on top leaders, and other relevant information. Readers will be inspired and challenged to hone their leadership skills, and will come away from each issue with practical, hand-on ideas for nurturing their own leadership style.

2-Minute Mentor
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2-Minute Mentor provides an inside look into the current thinking of top business authors. As we host webinars, conduct in-depth interviews, and attend industry conferences with these extraordinary thinkers, our editors will pull out all of the great new tips, ideas, principles, and case study findings and provide them to you in this quick-hitting newsletter. You receive only the best information you can use to immediately grow your business and career.

SmartTip of the Month
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SmartTips are 3 to 5-minute videos that teach valuable career skills - fast advice that makes a fast difference. Each issue of our SmartTips newsletter contains concise career information - everything from business basics to specific skill sets. Learn what emotional intelligence is, how to be a better communicator, what to do when you're a new manager, and more.