Tools for Leading in Any Crisis

Tools for Leading in Any Crisis
Item #: ESSLEAD05

This multi-media skillset provides the key resources needed to prepare for and lead through any crisis. With summaries of top leadership books, a webinar with leadership expert John Caslione, and an interview with a public relations expert, you’ll gain insights and takeaways to help you prepare for and ride smoothly through crises.

This Executive SkillSet includes:

  • 8-page Executive Book Summaries of these 5 titles:
    • Crisis Leadership Now by Laurence Barton
    • Turnaround Leadership by Shaun O'Callaghan
    • Managing Crises Before They Happen by Ian Mitroff
    • The Adversity Paradox by J Barry Griswell and Bob Jennings
    • Why Some Companies Emerge Stronger and Better from a Crisis by Ian Mitroff
  • A video interview with Salvatore Constantino, director of Infectious Disease Public Relations at MedImmune.
  • A 60-minute archived webinar with John Caslione, discussing the issue of doing business in turbulent times.
  • Two audio interviews - the first with Shaun O'Callaghan, author of Turnaround Leadership and the second with J Barry Griswell and Bob Jennings, authors of The Adversity Paradox.

With over 4 ½ hours of excellent content, you’ll find yourself well on the way to preparing for and dealing with a host of crises that can hit any company at any time.

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Products in this Collection

  • Image of Turnaround Leadership

    Turnaround Leadership

    By Shaun O'Callaghan
    Item #: 3228
    Shaun O'Callaghan pinpoints five areas of leadership expertise that need to be mastered to recover after a crisis brought on by changes in technology or a company-specific issue such as a product failure or new competition in the marketplace. Learn the warning signs of an impending crisis and how to rebuild a business after a crisis has hit.
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  • Image of Crisis Leadership Now

    Crisis Leadership Now

    By Laurence Barton
    Item #: 3011
    In Crisis Leadership Now, author Laurence Barton applies his corporate insider's insight to numerous case studies, demonstrating how catastrophes happen to real companies and real people every day. These studies form a framework for building crisis management thinking into your company's strategic toolbox. Anticipating all forms of trouble, advising senior management and boards of directors about potential events, and devising a business recovery plan will allow your organization to reb
    From: $9.00
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  • Image of Why Some Companies Emerge Stronger and Better from a Crisis

    Why Some Companies Emerge Stronger and Better from a Crisis

    By Ian I. Mitroff
    Item #: 2719
    While a significant crisis or disaster can destroy many companies, other companies emerge from the worst crises stronger and better. Crisis management expert Ian Mitroff explains the seven competencies that all companies must learn if they are to survive a major crisis. The companies that successfully overcome crises, writes Mitroff, have the right heart, the right thinking, the right soul, the right social and political skills, the right technical skills, the right integration (of all the previ
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  • Image of Managing Crises Before They Happen

    Managing Crises Before They Happen

    By Ian I. Mitroff
    Item #: 2305
    It’s impossible to eliminate crises completely. But crisis management experts Mitroff and Anagnos outline the crisis management tools — and attitudes — needed to either anticipate crises or effectively manage them once they occur.
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  • Image of The Adversity Paradox

    The Adversity Paradox

    By J. Barry Griswell, Bob Jennings
    Item #: 3120
    Obstacles and setbacks are an inevitable part of life, especially in today’s harsh and volatile economy. How can you use the very experiences that would stall or tumble a career to build uncommon success? The answer is found in “The Adversity Paradox”. Working to overcome humble beginnings, lack of knowledge, unexpected setbacks or any manner of misfortune can be the foundational step in a path to incredible achievement. Those who have benefited from the adversity paradox all relate similar...
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  • Image of Webinar: Doing Business in the Age of Turbulence

    Webinar: Doing Business in the Age of Turbulence

    By Philip Kotler, John Caslione
    Item #: CNF0809A
    Turbulence is the new normal business condition. In this Soundview Live webinar, John Caslione and Philip Kotler, co-authors of Chaotics, presents business leaders with a new system for insuring against risk, taking advantage of uncertainty, and navigating through turbulence rather than being caught up in it. Caslione offers a fresh strategic framework for managing both vulnerability and opportunity, continually, while coping with routine instability. During the Q&A time, he is be joined by
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