Leadership Lessons from the Sports Arena

Leadership Lessons from the Sports Arena
Item #: ESSLEAD02

This multi-media skillset provides leadership lessons from those involved in sports. With summaries of top leadership books, a webinar with leadership experts and mountain climbers Don Schmincke and Chris Warner, and an interview with an Olympic medalist turned business woman, you’ll gain insights and takeaways to strengthen your leadership skills.

This Executive SkillSet includes:

  • 8-page Executive Book Summaries of these 5 titles:
    • Clutch by Paul Sullivan
    • High Altitude Leadership by Don Schmincke and Chris Warner
    • Into the Unknown by Jack Uldrich
    • You Already Know How to Be Great by Alan Fine and Rebecca Merrill
    • Management Wisdom from the New York Yankees' Dynasty by Lance Berger
  • A video interview with Bianca Simpson, a cyclist in the 2000 Olympic Games and founder of Personalized Fitness 4 You.
  • A 60-minute archived webinar with Don Schmincke and Chris Warner, discussing the 8 lessons that leaders need to learn to succeed.
  • An audio interview with author Paul Sullivan on how to be clutch and avoid failure.
  • A Soundview Special Report entitled 25 Great Sports Books for Business Leaders.

With over 3 ½ hours of excellent content, you’ll find yourself enjoying the sports stories and analogies, while learning to become a better leader.

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  • Image of Clutch


    By Paul Sullivan
    Item #: 3301
    Do you choke under pressure, or are you "clutch"? In this executive book summary of Paul Sullivan's book Clutch, you will learn how to successfully perform under extraordinary pressure.
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  • Image of High Altitude Leadership

    High Altitude Leadership

    By Don Schmincke, Chris Warner
    Item #: 3109
    Warner and Schmincke present a new approach to leadership development, based in groundbreaking scientific research, field test under the most brutal conditions on the most difficult summits, and successfully applied in the training of executives, management teams and entrepreneurs throughout the world. To thrive in today’s business challenges and tomorrow’s unpredictable risks, you need to become the type of leader whose career, team, and company excels in the most extreme of environments.
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  • Image of Management Wisdom From the New York Yankees’ Dynasty

    Management Wisdom From the New York Yankees’ Dynasty

    By Lance Berger
    Item #: 2728
    Author Lance Berger is a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies and has served as a consultant to Major League Baseball. After looking deeply into the history of the Yankees’ organization, Berger discovered that many of the same principles that made the Yankees great were also driving the success of business clients. These core principles are based on leadership, processes and culture. In Management Wisdom From the New York Yankees’ Dynasty, Berger offers time-tested management
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  • Image of You Already Know How to Be Great

    You Already Know How to Be Great

    By Rebecca R. Merrill, Alan Fine
    Item #: 3309
    This executive book summary of You Already Know How to Be Great offers a bold new approach to performance by one of the top coaches in the country. Alan Fine, an accomplished tennis, golf, and executive coach and a renowned authority on peak performance, has found the biggest obstacle to improved performance isn't not knowing what to do; it's not doing what you already know. Fine reveals his simple and proven approach to achieving breakthrough performance through...
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  • Image of Into the Unknown

    Into the Unknown

    By Jack Uldrich
    Item #: 2614
    Into the Unknown charts the lessons in leadership that were learned by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark during their two-and-a-half year adventure into the American Northwest. Against staggering odds, these unique men inspired such absolute loyalty in each other and in their group of explorers that they are still regarded as the most successful leadership team in American history. Consultant and author Jack Uldrich presents Lewis and Clark as examples of leaders who were able to take
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  • Image of Webinar: Fearless Leadership

    Webinar: Fearless Leadership

    By Don Schmincke, Chris Warner
    Item #: CNF0509A
    The renegade scientist (Don Schmincke) and the mountaineer (Chris Warner), co-authors of High Altitude Leadership, share first-person examples from major mountain climbing expeditions, interspersed with scenarios from boardrooms around the globe, to pinpoint the eight dangers that prevent people from reaching the highest levels of performance. Using harrowing first person accounts of life and death on the mountaintop, Chris Warner and Don Schmincke pinpoint eight lessons leaders need to learn t
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