Leadership Lessons from the Battlefield

Leadership Lessons from the Battlefield
Item #: ESSLEAD04

This multi-media skillset provides the key principles from military leaders and situations that can be applied to the business world. With summaries of top leadership books by and about the military, a webinar with leadership and history expert Steve Forbes, and an interview with an admiral, you’ll gain insights and takeaways to improve your leadership skills.

This Executive SkillSet includes:

  • 8-page Executive Book Summaries of these 5 titles:
    • The Truth About Leadership by James Kouzes and Barry Posner
    • It's Your Ship by D. Michael Abrashoff
    • No Substitute for Victory by Theodore and Donna Kinni
    • Power, Ambition, Glory by Steve Forbes and John Prevas
    • The Wizard and the Warrior by Lee Bolman and Terrence Deal
  • A video interview with Rear Admiral Tom Lynch (ret.), former Senior Vice President of The Staubach Company.
  • A 60-minute archived webinar with Steve Forbes. Mr. Forbes discusses present-day leadership lessons from military leaders of the past.
  • An audio interview with Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. The authors offer details about the difference between healthy optimism and exaggeration, as well as why leading with the heart can get others to do extraordinary things.
  • A 10-page Soundview Special Report titled Leadership on the Battlefield of Business.

With over 3 ½ hours of excellent content, you’ll find yourself inspired and challenged by the examples of great military leadership and the principles they embodied.

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  • Image of The Truth About Leadership

    The Truth About Leadership

    By Barry Z. Posner, James Kouzes
    Item #: 3229
    Leadership experts James Kouzes and Barry Posner share 10 time-tested fundamental truths about leadership and becoming an effective leader. These principles can be especially valuable to both new leaders and experienced leaders in transition.
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  • Image of It's Your Ship

    It's Your Ship

    By D Michael Abrashoff
    Item #: 32BS12
    Some unique insight into hands-on management comes from Captain D. Michael Abrashoff who shares his experiences commanding a guided missile destroyer. While the ship's systems and technologies were cutting-edge, many of the practices and protocols were outdated and inefficient. Abrashoff's primary focus to make his warship more effective was getting the most from his crew.
    From: $9.00
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  • Image of No Substitute for Victory

    No Substitute for Victory

    By Donna Kinni, Theodore Kinni
    Item #: 2717
    Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s extraordinary life of leadership spanned more than six decades in the military, education, public administration and business sectors. In No Substitute for Victory, business writers Theodore Kinni and Donna Kinni distill powerful leadership lessons from MacArthur’s life and career — lessons you can use, no matter where you lead and what you intend to accomplish. Their book reveals what MacArthur knew about setting the right goals; building sleek, fast-response o
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  • Image of Power, Ambition, Glory

    Power, Ambition, Glory

    By Steve Forbes, John Prevas
    Item #: FBR0909
    In Power, Ambition, Glory, Steve Forbes and John Prevas observe the strong comparisons between the empires of the ancient world and the corporations that rule modern society.
    From: $6.00
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  • Image of The Wizard and the Warrior

    The Wizard and the Warrior

    By Lee Bolman, Terrence Deal
    Item #: 2820
    Bestselling authors Lee Bolman and Terrence Deal give leaders the insight and courage they need to take risks on behalf of values they cherish and the people they guide. Great leaders must act both as wizard, calling on imagination, creativity, meaning and magic, and as warrior, mobilizing strength, courage and willingness to fight as necessary to fulfill their mission.
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  • Image of Webinar: Business Lessons for Today from Leaders of the Past

    Webinar: Business Lessons for Today from Leaders of the Past

    By Steve Forbes
    Item #: CNF1009B
    At this Soundview Live webinar, Steve Forbes, author of Power Ambition Glory, discusses the intriguing comparisons between six great leaders of the ancient world and contemporary business leaders. You’ll learn that great leaders not only have vision but know how to build structures to effect it, that they know how to build consensus and motivate by doing what is right rather than what is in their self-interest, and that leadership is about keeping a sane and modest perspective in the face of suc
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