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  • Image of The John Maxwell Collection

    The John Maxwell Collection

    Item #: PKSMAXWELL
    Eight summaries of author John C. Maxwell's best business books, including Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, Leadership Gold, Talent is Never Enough, Winning With People, The 360 Degree Leader, and Good Leaders Ask Great Questions.
    From: $43.00
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  • Image of The Stephen R. Covey Collection

    The Stephen R. Covey Collection

    Item #: PKSRCOVEY
    Four summaries of author Stephen R. Covey's best business books, including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The 8th Habit, Great Work, Great Career, and Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times.
    From: $23.00
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  • Image of The Marshall Goldsmith Collection

    The Marshall Goldsmith Collection

    Item #: PKSGOLDSM
    Four summaries of author Marshall Goldsmith's best business books including, including Mojo, What Got You Here Won't Get You There, The Leader of the Future, and The Leader of the Future 2.
    From: $23.00
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  • Image of The Peter Drucker Collection

    The Peter Drucker Collection

    Item #: PKSPFD08
    A 12-title collection of author Peter Drucker's best book summaries. Includes such classic titles as The Effective Executive, The Practice of Management, Managing for Results, and more.
    From: $80.00
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  • Image of The Jack Welch Collection

    The Jack Welch Collection

    Item #: PKSWELCH
    Three summaries of author Jack Welch's best business books, including Winning, Jack: Straight from the Gut, and Jack Welch and the GE Way.
    From: $18.00
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  • Image of The Seth Godin Collection

    The Seth Godin Collection

    Item #: PKSGODIN
    Four summaries of author Seth Godin's best business books, including Linchpin, Purple Cow, Free Prize Inside!, and Meatball Sundae.
    From: $23.00
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  • Image of The Ram Charan Collection

    The Ram Charan Collection

    Item #: PKSCHARAN
    Five summaries of author Ram Charan's best business books, including Know-How, Execution, Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty, Leaders at All Levels, and Confronting Reality.
    From: $28.00
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  • Image of The Jack Trout Collection

    The Jack Trout Collection

    Item #: PKSTROUT
    Four summaries of author Jack Trout's best business books, including In Search of the Obvious, Repositioning, Differentiate or Die, and The New Positioning.
    From: $23.00
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  • Image of The Jeff Thull Collection

    The Jeff Thull Collection

    Item #: PKSTHULL
    Three summaries of author Jeff Thull's best business books, including Exceptional Selling, The Prime Solution, and Mastering the Complex Sale.
    From: $18.00
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