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Profit or Growth?

Profit or Growth?

Profit or Growth?

Why You Don't Have to Choose

by Bala Chakravarthy & Peter Lorange

Chakravarthy and Lorange have teamed up to give readers proven strategies to protect and extend core businesses, capture new opportunities that seem to be distant, and then bridge those strategies with two others to move towards profitable diversification. The authors also provide real-world case studies from which the reader can learn how to execute these strategies to the fullest advantage –– achieving growth and profitability.

What You'll Learn

  • What performance dilemmas are and how to manage them.
  • How to find and nurture managers who are renewal-minded.
  • The four essential renewal strategies: protect and extend your core business, leverage the core, build the core, and transform the core.
  • How to use the complementary means of organic growth, acquisitions and alliances to achieve the goal of continuous renewal.
  • How a firm's leadership - including executives and entrepreneur-managers - can foster, sponsor and direct renewal.
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