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    Play to Your Strengths

    Play to Your Strengths

    Play to Your Strengths

    Managing Your Company's Internal Labor Markets for Lasting Competitive Advantage

    by Dave Kieffer, Richard Guzzo, Jay Doherty & Haig Nalbantian

    According to Haig R. Nalbantian, Richard A Guzzo, Dave Kieffer and Jay Doherty, principals of Mercer Human Resource Consulting, a new, fact-based science of human capital management has emerged that is based on systems thinking, determining the correct facts about an organization, and focusing on value. With this new way of managing human capital, executives can use their human capital to its full advantage by aligning the human capital strategy with the business strategy and finally allowing stakeholders to analyze and evaluate one of the most powerful assets any company has.

    What You'll Learn

    • Why human capital is such a difficult asset to manage properly.
    • How human capital and its management can be a source of enduring competitive advantage.
    • The three principles of human capital: systems thinking, getting the right facts, and focusing on value.
    • How to define and build a human capital strategy.
    • How to conduct an Internal Labor Market Analysis of your organization to discover the current status of the work force.
    • How to use Business Impact Modeling to determine the human capital drivers of business success.
    • How to apply human capital management to areas of business, such as people, acquisitions and customers.
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