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Jack Welch and the GE Way

Management Insights and Leadership Secrets of the Legendary CEO

Jack Welch and the GE Way
Item #: 2101

Jack Welch gets the credit, as CEO, for the booming success of General Electric since 1981. How did he do it? This summary describes it in detail, his role as a leader, the way he stripped the company of its weighty bureaucracy, and, perhaps most important, how he found the ideas that spurred the company's growth. Engrossing reading for leaders and would-be leaders.

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  • Summary Release Date: January 1999

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    The Jack Welch Collection

    Item #: PKSWELCH
    Three summaries of author Jack Welch's best business books, including Winning, Jack: Straight from the Gut, and Jack Welch and the GE Way.
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  • Image of Winning


    By Jack Welch
    Item #: 28ASE
    Winning goes beyond Welch’s memoir Jack, Straight From the Gut. In his latest book, Welch addresses his own management techniques honed during his tenure as CEO of General Electric. He includes an overview of cultural values, delves into hiring to explore what winners are made of, shares advice on crisis management, and looks at the external factors that can influence a company's success. Welch also takes a more personal turn, with an eye to individual career issues.
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  • Image of Jack: Straight from the Gut

    Jack: Straight from the Gut

    By Jack Welch
    Item #: 2409
    Follow the career of General Electric CEO Jack Welch from his beginnings as a stuttering, competitive kid from working-class Salem, Massachusetts, to his early days as a GE engineer, to his ascension to CEO and a 20-year reign at the top. In his own words, Welch stresses the importance of people, originality, creativity, and common sense while sharing his thoughts on what it takes to be a great leader.
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    Saving Big Blue

    By Robert Slater
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    Having explained Jack Welch and the GE Way in his previous best-seller, Slater now turns his attention to Louis V. Gerstner, who saved the floundering IBM by focusing on customers and demanding high performance from his managers and employees. Full of key leadership lessons for managing a turnaround.
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