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Breakthrough Business Results with MVT

Breakthrough Business Results with MVT

Breakthrough Business Results with MVT

A Fast, Cost-Free, "Secret Weapon" for Boosting Sales, Cutting Expenses, and Improving Any Business Process

by Charles Holland & David Cochran

Breakthrough Business Results with MVT describes and details the one revolutionary method that offers a powerful, fast and inexpensive way to prove with certainty that ideas will have the biggest impact on your bottom line. MVT, or Multivariable Testing, uses advanced statistics to test the real-world effects of dozens of business improvement ideas, discover the synergies between them, and identify those ideas that are the most powerful and profitable under real-world conditions.

What You'll Learn

In this summary of Breakthrough Business Results with MVT, you will learn:

  • How MVT can create practical, fast, cost-free solutions to any business problem.
  • How MVT uses data to take the guesswork, politics and emotions out of major business decisions.
  • The proven methodology for implementing an MVT business improvement project in your company.
  • How leading companies like Lowe's and DuPont have achieved breakthrough MVT successes.
  • The keys to successful organization-wide improvement.
  • The four-phase process for implementing MVT on an organization-wide basis.
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