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  • Image of The Coming China Wars
    Image of The Coming China Wars

    Where They Will Be Fought And How They Will Be Won

    by Peter Navarro

    Navarro calls China and the rest of the world to action to avoid the coming China wars. Based on his belief that China’s rapid industrialization puts it on a collision course with the rest of the world, the book examines the potential for conflicts over strategic resources such as oil, copper, steel, even food and water. Claiming that China is also promoting global environmental disaster, Navarro — a business professor and Harvard Ph.D. — offers the information and insight he believe

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  • Image of Boomer or Bust
    Image of Boomer or Bust

    Your Financial Guide to Retirement, Health Care, Medicare, and Long-Term Care

    by Steve Weisman

    Baby boomers — referred to as the "sandwich generation" in this book for its many members who are caught between providing care for both elderly parents and their own children — have a growing need for information about finance and health issues as they age. Intended as a one-stop-shop for such information, Boomer or Bust is written by a leading elder-law attorney who offers a detailed perspective of such diverse, but key topics as living wills, Medicaid and Medica

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