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  • Image of The Classics Collection

    The Classics Collection

    Item #: PKSBOB12
    These are the 20 top-selling business book summaries of the past 15 years. You'll recognize the titles and authors as those that business executives turn to for proven guidance and advice.
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  • Image of The John Maxwell Collection

    The John Maxwell Collection

    Item #: PKSMAXWELL
    Eight summaries of author John C. Maxwell's best business books, including Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, Leadership Gold, Talent is Never Enough, Winning With People, The 360 Degree Leader, and Good Leaders Ask Great Questions.
    From: $43.00
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  • Image of The Management Collection

    The Management Collection

    Item #: PKSMGT14
    A 25-title Collection provides you with answers to your most difficult management issues, drawing on the expertise of such management experts as Robert Posen, Patrick Lencioni, Mark Goulston, Harrison Monarth and more.
    From: $108.00
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  • Image of The Stephen R. Covey Collection

    The Stephen R. Covey Collection

    Item #: PKSRCOVEY
    Four summaries of author Stephen R. Covey's best business books, including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The 8th Habit, Great Work, Great Career, and Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times.
    From: $23.00
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  • Image of The Essentials Collection

    The Essentials Collection

    Item #: PKSES07
    This collection is a wealth of knowledge that no executive's library should be without! It features 20 executive summaries of top-selling business books on a broad range of essential subjects. Included are summaries of The Achievement Habit, Resonate, Real Influence, Mojo, plus 16 other top titles.
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  • Image of The Marshall Goldsmith Collection

    The Marshall Goldsmith Collection

    Item #: PKSGOLDSM
    Four summaries of author Marshall Goldsmith's best business books including, including Mojo, What Got You Here Won't Get You There, The Leader of the Future, and The Leader of the Future 2.
    From: $23.00
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  • Image of The 2013 Best Business Books

    The 2013 Best Business Books

    Item #: PKS2013BB
    Each year Soundview chooses the top business books being published and summarizes them into 8-page text and 20-minute audio summaries. The titles in this collection represent the Top 30 Best Business Books from 2013.
    From: $120.00
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  • Image of The Leadership Collection

    The Leadership Collection

    Item #: PKSLE12
    The Leadership Collection gives you the resources you need to be a better leader in your business and community. These 20 summaries cover a wide range of topics essential for every good leader, including management techniques, motivation, communication skills and much more.
    From: $96.00
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  • Image of The Career Acceleration Collection

    The Career Acceleration Collection

    Item #: PKSCA15
    This collection covers 20 key breakthroughs to accelerate your career, by top business leaders and practitioners including Liz Wiseman, Daniel Goleman, Mark Goulston and Steven M.R. Covey. You’ll learn how to solicit crucial feedback, laser-focus your attention, leverage emotional intelligence, master motivation and much more.
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