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Off the Cuff

What to Say at a Moment's Notice

Off the Cuff
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To help readers build up their confidence when asked to just “say a few words,” writer and communications coach Anne Cooper Ready offers them a useful combination of encouragement and preparation to face impromptu speaking in Off the Cuff. In an easy-to-reference guidebook that helps readers put words together that motivate, direct, entertain, and get a point across, Ready teaches both the basic and advanced skills that are needed to solve communication challenges ranging from apologies and meetings to introductions and rallying the troops.

  • How to face Americans' number one fear.
  • How to display self-confidence when addressing an audience.
  • How to keep it simple when communicating.
  • The best ways to market yourself with proper business etiquette.
  • The best things to say and the best times to say them.
  • How to master job interviews, conferences, panels and workshops.
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  • Summary Release Date: September 2004