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Life Matters

Creating a Dynamic Balance of Work, Family, Time, & Money

by Rebecca R. Merrill & A Roger Merrill

Life Matters
Item #: 2601

Everybody is concerned about work/life balance, but few understand that time and money are as important to life balance as work and family. Each area matters, and focusing on one without considering the others is ultimately unfulfilling, because they are so closely interrelated. It is possible that your expectations about work, family, time and money are unrealistic, and therefore you don’t see them properly. By examining your own experience, and seeking wisdom and inspiration, the Merrills write, you can develop your navigational intelligence to optimize your life choices and stop wasting energy, money and time on issues and behavior that are not important or that do not invest in the future.

  • How to discover and value principles which allow you to lead a life that matters to you.
  • How to examine your expectations about work, family, time and money, and why you see them the way you do.
  • How to optimize your efforts to achieve maximum results.
  • How to develop and use navigational intelligence to make decisions that align with your values and allow you to create balance in an ongoing fashion.
  • How to use the Time/Money Management Matrix to determine where and when you are wasting resources and shift the focus to importance and investing rather than urgency and consumption.
  • How to implement this new synergy of balance by building the character to make decisions that matter.
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  • Summary Release Date: January 2004

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