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Flash of Brilliance

Flash of Brilliance

Flash of Brilliance

Inspiring Creativity Where You Work

by William Miller

How can you become a more creative person? And how can you inspire creativity in those around you? Follow Miller's "Creative Journey" and you can do it. Miller believes that all persons have creative abilities whether they believe it or not. To draw them out, he explains a four-stage process that will work in every situation. First step: Establish your goal and assess the risks. Next: Identify your experiences and personal traits that will build the confidence you need to meet the challenges of this goal. Third: Generate options and decide on solutions. Finally: Reach your goal and celebrate your results. Each of these steps is carefully spelled out, making it easy to understand and follow them. This method works for both individuals and has produced good results for companies such as Chevron Chemicals and IBM. Try it.

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