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Thin on Top

Why Corporate Governance Matters and How to Measure and Improve Board Performance

Thin on Top
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Given the high-level scandals of recent years, companies are concerned that corporate boards not only make decisions that improve a company’s profitability, but that they conduct their activities in an organized, efficient and ethical manner. In Thin on Top, Bob Garratt, chairman of the board of a consultancy that specializes in director development and strategic thinking, discusses the current condition of corporate boards, dispels troublesome myths, and gives step-by-step recommendations on how to help board members and directors learn, develop and perform.

  • There is a difference between managing and directing an organization - Effective board directors must create strategic direction for an organization, not just manage day-to-day operations.
  • To be effective, board directors must understand their roles - The director is the ?boss of the board? charged with steering it to wise decisions about moving the company forward while maintaining control.
  • The ten universally applicable directorial duties - These duties are guidelines for directors that form a useful basis for improving corporate governance.
  • Why corporate boards fail - Many directors let ignorance of their roles or personal and group cowardice create conditions in which negative things happen.
  • How to develop an effective board - Continuous training, learning and evaluation are the keys to improving a board's performance.
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  • Summary Release Date: December 2003