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The Wisdom of Teams

Creating the High-Performance Organization

The Wisdom of Teams
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Discover best practices in teamwork and what teams have to teach us about doing business.

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  • Summary Release Date: February 1993

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    Leading Outside the Lines

    By Jon R. Katzenbach, Zia Khan
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    From the bestselling coauthor of the business classic The Wisdom of Teams, comes an all-new exploration of the modern workplace, and how leaders and managers must embrace it for success. Katzenbach and Khan examine how two distinct factions together form the bigger picture for how organizations actually work: the more defined "formal" organization of a company (the management structure, performance metrics, and processes) and the "informal" (the culture, social...
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    Peak Performance

    By Jon R. Katzenbach
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    Katzenbach, co-author of The Wisdom of Teams, shows how to build exceptional levels of employee performance and commitment by consistently pursuing one or more of five distinct paths to peak performance: the Mission, Values and Pride path; the Process and Metrics path; the Entrepreneurial Spirit path; the Individual Achievement path; and the Recognition and Celebration path.
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    Taking Charge of Change

    By Douglas Smith
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    After the initial enthusiasm, your attempt to restructure, reengineer, or install total quality fails. Why? Probably because you had no real plan on how to achieve your vision. This summary covers the all-important "how" of making changes that last.
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