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The Power of Professionalism

The Seven Mind-Sets that Drive Performance and Build Trust

The Power of Professionalism
Item #: 3315

In this groundbreaking book, Wiersma outlines the seven key mind-sets of trusted professionals, offering a blueprint for both individuals and organizations interested in fostering a culture of professionalism. Professionalism is the ladder upon which all other organizational virtues rest. That's why organizations whose members view themselves as professionals will outperform, outsmart, and outlast organizations that don't.

In this summary of The Power of Professionalism, you will learn:

  • Why defining professionals through an occupational lens is not only antiquated, but counterproductive.
  • Why a professional's mind-set is more important than his or her technical skills.
  • Why people, despite the inherent responsibilities, willingly embrace the mantle that comes with being a professional.
  • Why organizations whose members view themselves as professionals outperform, outsmart and outlast other organizations.
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  • Summary Release Date: June 2011

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