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The Power of LEO

The Revolutionary Process for Achieving Extraordinary Results

The Power of LEO
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Subir Chowdhury is the long-established global authority on the critical importance of quality and how to achieve it with Design for Six Sigma. Now, he takes it to the next level by showing you how to build quality into the DNA of your entire organization. In The Power of LEO, he describes how continuous focus on quality improvement can revolutionize any process from manufacturing operations to managerial decision making.

In this summary of The Power of LEO, you will learn:

  • How to seek input from all stakeholders within your organization, from suppliers to employees to customers.
  • How to create new ideas for improvement and solutions for problems using simple techniques.
  • How to select the best improvement idea or solution, subject it to testing in the real world and correct all shortcomings.
  • How to make quality a way of life.
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  • Summary Release Date: March 2012