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Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty

The New Rules for Getting the Right Things Done in Difficult Times

Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty
Item #: 3117

Today’s business environment is challenging if not downright dangerous. Business advisor and best-selling author Ram Charan describes steps you can take right now to steer your organization away from the pitfalls and position it for a new future. You'll find practical techniques that will help you cope with cash and credit crunches, shrinking budgets, collapsing markets, sinking morale, disappearing suppliers and nervous stakeholders. And Charan will show you where to find –– and how to seize –– the opportunity in chaos.

  • Why you must protect cash flow vigilantly and use cash more efficiently.
  • How to use ground intelligence to survive the storm and position your business to thrive in the aftermath.
  • How sales and marketing can help re-evaluate the profitability of customers.
  • Why the CFO must become more operational yet pay close attention to Wall Street.
  • The specific roles played by staff functions in helping the company to meet the challenges of a tough environment.
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  • Summary Release Date: July 2009

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