Hoover's Vision

Hoover's Vision

Hoover's Vision

Original Thinking for Business Success

by Gary Hoover

Gary Hoover, the founder of BOOKSTOP, Inc. and Hoover’s Inc., lays out a plan that can turn an enterprise into a success by showing entrepreneurs how to address inputs with an open mind, and see more than what others envision. Demonstrating how leaders can recognize the importance of history and trends, Hoover drives business owners to create and feed a clear and consistent vision, and helps them find the essential qualities of entrepreneurial leadership.

What You'll Learn

  • You must be curious and creative. The world is full of messages and inputs that may be vital to the existence and forward motion of your enterprise. You must address these inputs with an open and absorbent mind, making the attempt to view them in a manner that is completely different from the ways in which others view them.
  • You must grasp history and trends. Often, businesspeople fail to recognize the importance of history, the trends inherent therein, and how those trends can and will affect their enterprises, both now and in the future.
  • You must understand the Baby Boom. The largest single bulge in population in US history is still having a profound affect on businesses, and will continue to do so, even as those in the Boom generation grow older.
  • You must create and feed your vision. The vision you create for your business becomes its raison d?etre and, as such, it should possess clarity, consistency, uniqueness and a central focus on service.
  • You must recognize what it takes to succeed. Find the essential qualities of entrepreneurial leadership in yourself, and use them to the ultimate benefit of your enterprise.


Summary Release Date:
March 2002
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