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Free Agent Nation

How America's New Independent Workers Are Transforming the Way We Live

Free Agent Nation
Item #: 2403

The Organization Man is dead. Long live the Free Agent. Pink explains the reasons for the development of widespread free agency and how it impacts your company and your industry.

  • The Organization Man is dead. To better understand the swell of influence free agents have on our businesses, you need only compare them to that paradigm of the ultimate worker, the "Organization Man," and the business climate in which he existed. You will see how far we have come.
  • There are many kinds of free agents. Whether you're a soloist, a microbusiness or a temp, your influence is being felt in the Free Agent Nation.
  • Old concepts die hard. Free agents are changing the ways we view success, freedom, loyalty and authenticity, among other business concepts. Even a concept as stalwart as time must be looked at in a different manner.
  • Free agents support their own infrastructure. A loosely aligned compendium of businesses, from copy stores to coffee shops, meet the special, specific needs of free agents and their businesses.
  • Retirement must be reconsidered. Free agents are providing opportunities galore for older specialty workers, who may want to forgo shuffleboard for the chance to make a load of money on their own terms.
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  • Summary Release Date: January 2002

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