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Escape Velocity

Free Your Company's Future from the Pull of the Past

Escape Velocity
Item #: 3329

Geoffrey Moore's now-classic Crossing the Chasm became a must-read book by presenting an innovative framework to address the make-or-break obstacle facing all high-tech companies: how to gain market share from early adopters and from mainstream consumers. Now, Moore's Escape Velocity offers a pragmatic plan to engage the most critical challenge that established enterprises face in the twenty-first-century economy: how to move beyond past success and drive next-generation growth from new lines of business.

In this summary of Escape Velocity, you will learn:

  • How to use organic innovation as a complement to M&A to systematically migrate an enterprise's portfolio out of lower-growth and into higher-growth categories.
  • How to leverage asymmetrical resource allocation to create a powerful and sustainable foundation for a long-term competitive advantage.
  • How to leverage target-market initiatives as accelerants to growth.
  • How to manage your innovation resources to create maximal returns.
  • How to fundamentally change the execution cadence of an organization, creating an irreversible tipping point along the way.
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  • Summary Release Date: December 2011

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