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Confronting Reality

Doing What Matters to Get Things Right

Confronting Reality
Item #: 31CS11

Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan use a business model they developed to show how to tie together the financial targets you must meet, the external realities of your business and internal activities including strategy, operating activities, selection and development of people and organizational structure. Using this business model as a tool for confronting reality, you’ll learn whether your fundamental business premise is under assault, where your best opportunities lie, what you should change and what you should leave alone, and how to realistically plan the future of your business.

  • How to implement the business model the authors developed to achieve a robust, reality-based process for thinking about the specifics of your business in a holistic way.
  • How to use a process called “iteration” to debate and harmonize your external environment and financial targets with your internal capabilities.
  • How companies like EMC, Cisco, 3M and The Thomson Corporation used this business model to decide what they needed to change.
  • How you can anticipate future events, condition your culture for the changes required and develop leaders who can succeed in this tumultuous environment.
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  • Summary Release Date: November 2009

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