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  • Image of The Power of Reputation

    The Power of Reputation

    by Chris Komisarjevsky
    Item #: 38CS02A
    "The Power of Reputation" offers business people an action plan for creating the kind of reputation that generates trust, inspires confidence, and paves the way for lasting success
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  • Image of Reviving Work Ethic

    Reviving Work Ethic

    by Eric Chester
    Item #: 3408
    Work ethic in America is fast declining, plaguing young and old alike. But in Reviving Work Ethic, Eric Chester shows that you do best to focus on your young employees — those whose habits and ideals can still be influenced. He presents an incisive look at the root of the entitlement mentality that afflicts many in the emerging workforce and shows readers the specific actions they can take to give their employees a deep commitment to performing excellent work. His advice is...
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  • Image of The Power of Professionalism

    The Power of Professionalism

    by Bill Wiersma
    Item #: 3315
    In this groundbreaking book, Wiersma outlines the seven key mind-sets of trusted professionals, offering a blueprint for both individuals and organizations interested in fostering a culture of professionalism. Professionalism is the ladder upon which all other organizational virtues rest. That's why organizations whose members view themselves as professionals will outperform, outsmart, and outlast organizations that don't.
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