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  • Image of Raving Fans

    Raving Fans

    by Ken Blanchard, Sheldon Bowles
    Item #: FBR1209A
    A Soundview Featured Book Review
    Blanchard and Bowles present a business fable with a simple premise: your customers are your best marketing method. Executives will learn why outstanding customer service, particularly in the era of social technology, can lead to customers who will do anything to sing a company's praises... and bring as many friends to the party as possible.
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  • Image of A Manager’s Guide to Project Management

    A Manager’s Guide to Project Management

    by Michael Bender
    Item #: 3130
    There are plenty of books about project management, but this is the first one written for the people who have the most at stake: the senior executives who will ultimately be held accountable for the successes of the projects they approve and supervise. Top enterprise project management expert Michael Bender explains project management from the perspective that matters most to executives: adding value. Most books view project management from the inside, focusing primarily on lower-level issues.
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  • Image of The Upside of the Downturn

    The Upside of the Downturn

    by Geoff Colvin
    Item #: 3129
    Geoff Colvin, one of America's most respected business journalists, says even the scariest recession has an upside. The best managers know conventional thinking won't help them win in these tough times. They're taking smart, practical steps that will not only keep them strong, but will also distance them from the pack for years to come. In his latest work, Colvin, author of the bestselling Talent is Overrated, offers ten solidly grounded strategies that will increase your company's...
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  • Image of The Next Level

    The Next Level

    by Scott Eblin
    Item #: 31BS12
    What separates those who make it after a promotion to the executive level from those who don’t? Drawing on more than twenty years of experience working with new and seasoned corporate leaders, Scott Eblin has identified the key behaviors and beliefs that successful executives pick up and let go of. For every rising executive, Eblin’s practical coaching – interwoven with frank mentoring advice from top executives – is invaluable in achieving success at the next level.
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  • Image of Glow


    by Lynda Gratton
    Item #: 31XTFS
    You know them at first sight: teammates or colleagues, direct reports or bosses who radiate enthusiasm, positive energy and inspiration. Even in difficult circumstances they glow with an attitude that inspires others, fosters a great working experience for everyone and creates empowering relationships. Would you like to learn how to glow? Author Lynda Gratton shows you how. Glow is an invitation to become more energized and innovative at work, and to radiate positive energy that will al
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