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  • Image of Growing Your Company's Leaders

    Growing Your Company's Leaders

    by Robert M. Fulmer, Jay A. Conger
    Item #: 2603
    For decades, succession management identified replacements for senior executives who, it was assumed, would eventually depart the organization through death or retirement. In many companies, the planning for succession was one of several “annual events,” without much thought given that the process could be deployed to develop and/or retain talented employees. These days, good workers are often lured away to competing organizations, and companies without strong succession processes are left hangi
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  • Image of Generating Buy-In

    Generating Buy-In

    by Mark S. Walton
    Item #: 2602
    A former senior correspondent and anchorman at CNN, Mark Walton draws on his rich communications background to help leaders master the language of leadership with Generating Buy-In. Walton describes “buy-in” as getting understanding, commitment and action from others in support of a person, idea, proposal, product, service or organization. He explains that buy-in is the essential emotional ingredient needed for any collaborative effort to be successful. Generating Buy-In shows
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  • Image of Life Matters

    Life Matters

    by Rebecca R. Merrill, A Roger Merrill
    Item #: 2601
    Everybody is concerned about work/life balance, but few understand that time and money are as important to life balance as work and family. Each area matters, and focusing on one without considering the others is ultimately unfulfilling, because they are so closely interrelated. It is possible that your expectations about work, family, time and money are unrealistic, and therefore you don’t see them properly. By examining your own experience, and seeking wisdom and inspiration, the Merrills writ
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