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  • Image of In the Company of Owners

    In the Company of Owners

    by Douglas L. Kruse, Aaron Bernstein, Joseph R. Blasi
    Item #: 2525
    Recently, stock options have received a bad reputation as the run-up in thestock market during the 1990s allowed some corporate executives to pursueunethical strategies to pump up their stock and cash in on their options,while employees saw huge potential fortunes disappear overnight. Theproblems were a consequence of abuse of stock options, not the conceptitself. In the Company of Owners shows how and why stock options and therisk of ownership should be given to most of the work force.
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  • Image of Put the Moose on the Table

    Put the Moose on the Table

    by Randall Tobias
    Item #: 2524
    Randall Tobias, former CEO of pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Co., knows what it takes to get to the top. In Put the Moose on the Table, Tobias mixes personal anecdotes with his thoughts on effective business and leadership practices, often focusing on the intangible qualities — integrity, dedication and respect for colleagues — that separate the best from the rest. A vice president at AT&T when he took the job at Lilly, Tobias recalls how a major crisis on his first day tested his a
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