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  • Image of The Science of High-Performance Supplier Management

    The Science of High-Performance Supplier Management

    by Randy A. Moore
    Item #: 2503
    Moore presents an in-depth, nuts-and-bolts guide to procurement that will prove invaluable to purchasing managers as well as company executives. Based on practices developed in the procurement of high technology systems, Moore’s framework, called STeP (Systematic Technology for Procurement), is a repeatable, scientific process for purchasing.
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  • Image of The Real Warren Buffett

    The Real Warren Buffett

    by James O'Loughlin
    Item #: 2502
    Past books on the legendary head of Berkshire Hathaway have focused on his investment skills. O’Loughlin shows why Buffett is not only a visionary investor, but also a visionary manager of people and a superb company leader. His management credo — and his directive to employees throughout Berkshire Hathaway — is to “act like an owner.”
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