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  • Image of The Book of Leadership Wisdom

    The Book of Leadership Wisdom

    by Peter Krass
    Item #: 2105
    Here's your chance to chat with the business leaders of yesterday and today. Harold Geneen says that if you have to pull rank, you're no leader. J. Paul Getty believes that true leaders not only know how to battle crises, they enjoy them. Robert Haas emphasizes the need for having core values and principles if you are to be a great leader. Others heard include the Washington Post's Katherine Graham, John Patterson, who founded the National Cash Register Co. more than a century ago, and McDonald'
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  • Image of TechnoLeverage


    by F Michael Hruby
    Item #: 2104
    This author says you must capitalize on your technology to beat your competitors, then tells you how to do it. He starts with an example. Sneakers used to be inexpensive shoes. Today, due to the technology used in their manufacture, they come in dozens of styles, colors, and materials, with inflatable air bladders and gel inserts. And they're expensive. Start by searching for ways to solve your customers' problems. then decide what technology you need and how you'll apply it. Then exploit all op
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