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  • Image of Proactive Risk Management

    Proactive Risk Management

    by Guy M. Merritt, Preston G. Smith
    Item #: 2428
    Proactive Risk Management offers product development teams a plan with which they can enhance their management of project risks by identifying risks early and managing them to diminish disruption throughout the project. Using a practical, easy-to-use, fact-based approach, it will help developers manage all the risks associated with a project. Although this process is tailored to commercial product development, it is applicable to many other types of projects with some adaptation.
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  • Image of Why Decisions Fail

    Why Decisions Fail

    by Paul C. Nutt
    Item #: 2427
    For more than 20 years, Ohio State University Professor Paul C. Nutt has studied how decisions are made and has written extensively about what works, what doesn’t and why. His key finding in all this work is startling: Decisions fail half of the time. Organizations spend vast sums of money and commit significant amounts of resources without realizing any benefits. Nutt writes that failures can be traced to three blunders and seven traps that ensnare decision makers; avoiding these blunders and t
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  • Image of The Heart of Change

    The Heart of Change

    by John P. Kotter, Dan S. Cohen
    Item #: 2426
    While most companies believe change happens by making people think differently, that isn’t the case. Instead, according to John Kotter and Dan Cohen, change happens when you make people feel differently. You have to appeal more to the heart than the mind. The authors offer a new dynamic — the “see-feel-change” dynamic that fuels action by showing people potent reasons for change that spark their emotions. Built around the eight steps of change first introduced in Kotter’s bestseller...
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