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  • Image of Venture Catalyst

    Venture Catalyst

    by Donald L. Laurie
    Item #: 2408
    Laurie writes that only those companies that include ventures as part of their strategies can achieve exceptional and sustainable growth. These ventures are “new business enterprises that entail a certain amount of risk.” In Venture Catalyst, he helps business leaders identify five key strategies for developing the next great business: invent, invest, venture, partner and integrate.
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  • Image of Hoover's Vision

    Hoover's Vision

    by Gary Hoover
    Item #: 2407
    Gary Hoover, the founder of BOOKSTOP, Inc. and Hoover’s Inc., lays out a plan that can turn an enterprise into a success by showing entrepreneurs how to address inputs with an open mind, and see more than what others envision. Demonstrating how leaders can recognize the importance of history and trends, Hoover drives business owners to create and feed a clear and consistent vision, and helps them find the essential qualities of entrepreneurial leadership.
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  • Image of The EVA Challenge

    The EVA Challenge

    by John S. Shiely, Joel M. Stern
    Item #: 2406
    Economic Value Added (EVA) is a measure of the true economic performance of a company, as well as a strategy for creating shareholder wealth. Stern and Shiely offer ways to properly implement EVA to better align the interests of managers with those of shareholders, and give companies a clearer picture of the value they create.
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