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  • Image of The Customer Differential

    The Customer Differential

    by Melinda Nykamp
    Item #: 2328
    You have heard of Customer Relationship Management. Now here’s a guidebook that it clearly explains the concept of CRM — and how to put it in place in your company.
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  • Image of The Weightless Society

    The Weightless Society

    by Charles Leadbeater
    Item #: 2327
    A radical innovation in basic political, social and economic institutions is required to spread the benefits of the knowledge economy, argues Charles Leadbeater in this eloquent and provocative analysis of today’s society.
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  • Image of Loyalty Rules!

    Loyalty Rules!

    by Frederick F. Reichheld
    Item #: 2326
    Reichheld follows up The Loyalty Effect, in which he argued that a virtuous circle of employee, customer and shareholder loyalty led to greater profits, with a how-to on turning your company into a loyalty leader.
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