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  • Image of Sales Management
    Image of Sales Management

    by Robert J. Calvin

    This summary offers a primer on creating and managing today’s sales force. Calvin covers everything from hiring and training to structure your sales force according to your company’s channel needs.

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  • Image of The Anatomy of Buzz
    Image of The Anatomy of Buzz

    How to Create Word of Mouth Marketing

    by Emanuel Rosen

    Companies are discovering the power of word-of-mouth marketing in an era of skeptical consumers unimpressed by traditional marketing techniques. Here’s how to make word of mouth marketing work for your product.

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  • Image of 12 Steps To Mastering the Winds of Change
    Image of 12 Steps To Mastering the Winds of Change

    Peak Performers Reveal How to Stay on Top in Times of Turmoil

    by Erik Olesen, Frank Abagnale, Jay Abraham

    The mediocre resist change; the successful embrace it. Olesen's interviews with high-flyers show how they deal with change and take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

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