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  • Image of The One to One Fieldbook

    The One to One Fieldbook

    by Martha Rogers, Bob Dorf, Don Peppers
    Item #: 2115
    Here's a complete, hands-on toolkit on implementing "one-to-one marketing" - in general terms, marketing to customers as individuals - from the originators of the concept. From how to identify and differentiate valuable customers to putting the infrastructure, information systems and communications program in place, their book will help you turn one-to-one principles into reality.
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  • Image of Strategic Outsourcing

    Strategic Outsourcing

    by Maurice Greaver
    Item #: 2114
    Consultant Greaver shows you how to successfully achieve the real purpose of outsourcing: not to cut costs but to find a strategic partner who has the experience, knowledge, and resources to do a better job with certain activities. This summary will lead you through a seven-step methodology for identifying, negotiating with, and signing on the outsourcing providers who will help your company improve its performance and results.
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