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  • Image of The Leadership Pipeline

    The Leadership Pipeline

    by James Noel, Stephen Drotter, Ram Charan
    Item #: 31BS08
    In this book, three experts show companies how to build their own leaders by understanding the critical passages a leader must navigate, by providing the appropriate development for navigating those passages, and by building the right system for ensuring a full pipeline of leaders, now and in the future.
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  • Image of Leaders at All Levels

    Leaders at All Levels

    by Ram Charan
    Item #: 3017
    In Leaders at All Levels, Ram Charan — prolific author and world-renowned advisor to business leaders — takes aim at the current crisis in leadership: the shortage of leaders prepared to face the complex business challenges of today. Charan offers a solution that outlines a new model for succession and leadership development.
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  • Image of Deciding Who Leads

    Deciding Who Leads

    by Joseph Daniel McCool
    Item #: 3012
    Noted as a “recruiting expert” by Fast Company, McCool takes his reader inside the world of executive recruiters: the most influential and elite group of management consultants operating in business today. The author reveals how senior management recruiters influence everything from executive compensation, workplace diversity, business management, profits, culture and the definition of leadership itself.
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  • Image of A Leader's Legacy

    A Leader's Legacy

    by James Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner
    Item #: 2825
    A Leader’s Legacy is a compilation of powerful essays that explore the question of leadership and legacy. These essays are grouped into categories covering significance, relationships, aspirations and courage. The authors examine critical questions all leaders must ask themselves in order to leave a positive and lasting impact.
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  • Image of Growing Your Company's Leaders

    Growing Your Company's Leaders

    by Robert M. Fulmer, Jay A. Conger
    Item #: 2603
    For decades, succession management identified replacements for senior executives who, it was assumed, would eventually depart the organization through death or retirement. In many companies, the planning for succession was one of several “annual events,” without much thought given that the process could be deployed to develop and/or retain talented employees. These days, good workers are often lured away to competing organizations, and companies without strong succession processes are left hangi
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