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  • Image of Lukaszewski on Crisis Communication

    Lukaszewski on Crisis Communication

    by James E. Lukaszewski
    Item #: 3525
    In this industry-defining book on crisis management and leadership recovery, James Lukaszewski introduces a concept rarely dealt with in crisis communication and operational response planning: managing the victim dimension of crisis. Delivered in his straight-talking style backed with compelling case studies, Lukaszewski on Crisis Communication is your guide to preparing for a crisis and the explosive visibility that comes with it.
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  • Image of Turnaround Leadership

    Turnaround Leadership

    by Shaun O'Callaghan
    Item #: 3228
    Shaun O'Callaghan pinpoints five areas of leadership expertise that need to be mastered to recover after a crisis brought on by changes in technology or a company-specific issue such as a product failure or new competition in the marketplace. Learn the warning signs of an impending crisis and how to rebuild a business after a crisis has hit.
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  • Image of Speed Review: 7 Lessons For Leading in Crises

    Speed Review: 7 Lessons For Leading in Crises

    by Bill George
    Item #: BKS1109A
    Jossey-Bass, 137 pages
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  • Image of Crisis Leadership Now

    Crisis Leadership Now

    by Laurence Barton
    Item #: 3011
    In Crisis Leadership Now, author Laurence Barton applies his corporate insider's insight to numerous case studies, demonstrating how catastrophes happen to real companies and real people every day. These studies form a framework for building crisis management thinking into your company's strategic toolbox. Anticipating all forms of trouble, advising senior management and boards of directors about potential events, and devising a business recovery plan will allow your organization to reb
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  • Image of The Complexity Crisis

    The Complexity Crisis

    by John Mariotti
    Item #: 3006
    Executives today face a crisis — a crisis of complexity. As you seek to expand profits, a number of new products, procedures and systems are created that, unexpectedly, stifle your bottom line. To this problem, Mariotti has the solution: simplify. In this far-reaching study, he shows corporate America that “keep it simple” is the way out of the Complexity Crisis.
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  • Image of Why Some Companies Emerge Stronger and Better from a Crisis

    Why Some Companies Emerge Stronger and Better from a Crisis

    by Ian I. Mitroff
    Item #: 2719
    While a significant crisis or disaster can destroy many companies, other companies emerge from the worst crises stronger and better. Crisis management expert Ian Mitroff explains the seven competencies that all companies must learn if they are to survive a major crisis. The companies that successfully overcome crises, writes Mitroff, have the right heart, the right thinking, the right soul, the right social and political skills, the right technical skills, the right integration (of all the previ
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  • Image of Heads Up

    Heads Up

    by Kenneth G. McGee
    Item #: 2618
    According to Kenneth G. McGee, a research fellow at Gartner Inc., even the worst business catastrophes rarely happen without warning. In Heads Up, McGee describes how managers can break the pervasive pattern of surprises that are often followed by desperate responses. Instead of trying to predict the future, McGee explains, managers need to master predicting the present — understanding what is happening right now and how these current events and outcomes will impact future success. By r
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  • Image of Stronger in the Broken Places

    Stronger in the Broken Places

    by James Lee Witt, James Morgan
    Item #: 2514
    As the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency from 1993 until 2001, James Lee Witt witnessed some of the worst crises Mother Nature, chance and certain humans had to offer — earthquakes, floods, airline crashes, the Oklahoma City bombing, and more. Through it all, he not only drastically improved the reputation FEMA had among lawmakers and crisis victims and survivors alike (his leadership rescued the flagging agency), he also developed a strategy for managing crises — a customer-ce
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  • Image of Proactive Risk Management

    Proactive Risk Management

    by Guy M. Merritt, Preston G. Smith
    Item #: 2428
    Proactive Risk Management offers product development teams a plan with which they can enhance their management of project risks by identifying risks early and managing them to diminish disruption throughout the project. Using a practical, easy-to-use, fact-based approach, it will help developers manage all the risks associated with a project. Although this process is tailored to commercial product development, it is applicable to many other types of projects with some adaptation.
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