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  • Image of Speed Review: Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good

    Speed Review: Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good

    by Sarah Lacy
    Item #: BKS1008A
    Gotham Books, 294 pages
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  • Image of Resonant Leadership

    Resonant Leadership

    by Annie McKee, Richard Boyatzis
    Item #: FBR1008C
    A Soundview Featured Book Review
    Any leader straining under the weight of his or her position needs to read this book. Boyatzis and McKee attempt to reverse what they term the "dissonance" suffered by leaders. A leader is expected to deliver success quarter after quarter with an ever-increasing list of objectives. This book helps executives maximize their strengths and conquer the challenges of their unique place in the organization.
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  • Image of The Education of an Accidental CEO

    The Education of an Accidental CEO

    by John Boswell, David Novak
    Item #: FBR1008B
    A Soundview Featured Book Review
    David Novak is worthy of depiction in a Horatio Alger novel. Novak never attended business school and spent most of his youth living in a series of trailer parks. Despite his humble roots, he rose to become CEO of Yum Brands, one of the largest food, beverage and restaurant companies in the world. This book provides insight on Novak's inspirations and what he learned on his unforgettable journey.
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  • Image of Extreme Toyota

    Extreme Toyota

    by Norihiko Shimizu, Emi Osono, Hirotaka Takeuchi
    Item #: 3025
    Three business strategy experts identify six contradictory forces that have kept Toyota on the path of realizing continuous innovation and constant renewal. As the authors show, Toyota thrives on paradoxes as it harnesses opposing propositions to energize itself. We learn that companies that create their own contradictions can achieve higher levels of performance.
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  • Image of Sway


    by Ori Brafman, Rom Brafman
    Item #: 3024
    Brothers and authors Ori and Rom Brafman explore several of the psychological forces that derail rational thinking. We are all more prone to irrational behavior than we realize and this can affect our careers and shape our business and personal relationships. Understanding why the sway of irrational behavior is so alluring can help us to become more aware of it and perhaps less likely to fall victim to its force.
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  • Image of Tuned In

    Tuned In

    by Craig Stull, David Meerman Scott, Phil Myers
    Item #: 30RTFS
    Hit products and services like the iPod, Starbucks and FedEx were seemingly embraced by the market overnight. But it wasn't luck, creativity or marketing that led to their success. Any organization can create hits that resonate if they stop guessing what people need and start building deep connections to what their buyers value most. With a strategy for achieving market resonance that has been developed over 15 years, the authors show readers how to find unsolved problems in the marketplace and
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