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  • Image of The Caterpillar Doesn't Know

    The Caterpillar Doesn't Know

    by Peter Moore, Kenneth Hey
    Item #: 2028
    The caterpillar doesn’t know that it must transform itself to stay alive. Your company may be the same. The authors, managing partners at Inferential Focus, Inc., a New York market-intelligence firm, explain the roots and results of a personal revolution that has transformed the behavior of individuals as employees as well as consumers. Readers will be introduced to many butterflies -- from fashion designers to computer software companies to a manufacturer of pumps and valves -- who, unlike the
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  • Image of Rational Exuberance

    Rational Exuberance

    by Meredith Bagby
    Item #: 2027
    Most of your future customers will be Generation Xers, as will most of your future employees -- understanding them is an organizational imperative. Meredith Bagby will tell you about her generation: how they buy, how they work, and how they lead. She finds them enthusiastic and hard-working but savvy and rational at the same time. Generation X, she says, has a right to be confident and enthusiastic – rationally exuberant – about the future.
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  • Image of Leading at the Edge of Chaos

    Leading at the Edge of Chaos

    by Daryl Conner
    Item #: 2026
    Manage the inevitability of change by becoming a nimble organization, advises the author, the president and CEO of a research-based consulting firm. In this summary Conner builds on the foundation established in his first book, Managing at the Speed of Change, to help organizations and their employees recognize and successfully face the today’s flood of change.
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