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  • Image of Team Zebra
    Image of Team Zebra

    How 1500 Partners Revitalized Eastman Kodak's Black and White Film-Making Flow

    by Steven Bennett, Stephen Frangos

    Frangos headed Kodak's Black & White Film Manufacturing as it turned around and became a world-class organization. Managers didn't spend money on new plants and equipment; instead, they flattened the hierarchy, reengineered processes -- and let employees use their brains. A manifesto for any company that must do better.

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  • Image of The Complete Guide To Buying a Business
    Image of The Complete Guide To Buying a Business

    by Richard Snowden

    Snowden shows how to find an affordable business that suits your personality and skills, and how to dig our the information you need before you plunk down your money. For all those who've ever dreamed of sitting in the owner's chair.

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