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  • Image of Your Own Worst Enemy

    Your Own Worst Enemy

    by Andrew DuBrin
    Item #: 1423
    This summary is for those who contantly shoot themselves in the foot. Have you conisdered your failures may have roots in your psychological history or in your beliefs? This summary may recharge -- or rescue -- you career.
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  • Image of The Only Thing That Matters

    The Only Thing That Matters

    by Karl Albrecht
    Item #: 1422
    A renowned service-quality guru reintroduces you to customers, your most important partners. With Albrecht’s Total Quality Service system in place, everyone can focus on delivering outstanding value.
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  • Image of Reinventing The Factory II

    Reinventing The Factory II

    by Roy Harmon
    Item #: 1421
    Harmon shows how Western factories can equal or surpass the output of the best factories anywhere. Get the latest techniques in fast product design, supplier partnerships, and efficient transportation networks.
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