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  • Image of The Elegant Solution

    The Elegant Solution

    by Matthew May
    Item #: FBR0809B
    A Soundview Featured Book Review
    Despite the company's issues in the past several years, Toyota is still a model organization. This book examines the management and innovation philosophies that made Toyota one of the strongest brands in the automotive world. The authors combine unique takes on the company's performance with elements of Japanese history.
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  • Image of How We Decide

    How We Decide

    by Jonah Lehrer
    Item #: FBR0809
    In this 2009 bestseller, author Jonah Lehrer takes a fresh yet informed perspective on the fascinating subject of how we make up our minds.
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  • Image of The Adversity Paradox

    The Adversity Paradox

    by J. Barry Griswell, Bob Jennings
    Item #: 3120
    Obstacles and setbacks are an inevitable part of life, especially in today’s harsh and volatile economy. How can you use the very experiences that would stall or tumble a career to build uncommon success? The answer is found in “The Adversity Paradox”. Working to overcome humble beginnings, lack of knowledge, unexpected setbacks or any manner of misfortune can be the foundational step in a path to incredible achievement. Those who have benefited from the adversity paradox all relate similar...
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  • Image of The Spider's Strategy

    The Spider's Strategy

    by Amit Mukherjee
    Item #: 3119
    To thrive in a world where networks of companies increasingly compete with other networks, managers can no longer focus solely on excellence in planning and execution. In The Spider’s Strategy, top business consultant Amit S. Mukherjee provides the tools you need to sense and respond to unexpected events. He shows how and why managers in your company must apply his four powerful “Design Principles” today.
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  • Image of The Leadership Pipeline

    The Leadership Pipeline

    by James Noel, Stephen Drotter, Ram Charan
    Item #: 31BS08
    In this book, three experts show companies how to build their own leaders by understanding the critical passages a leader must navigate, by providing the appropriate development for navigating those passages, and by building the right system for ensuring a full pipeline of leaders, now and in the future.
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