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  • Image of Groundswell


    by Charlene Li, Josh Bernoff
    Item #: FBR0808
    A Soundview Featured Book Review
    The groundswell is defined as a social trend in which people are using technologies to get what they need from each other instead of from companies. The authors explain the groundswell and then lay out basic tools to understand it. The final section of Groundswell shows how you can successfully make use of the groundswell within your company now and in the future. Solid research backs up this timely book.
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  • Image of Personality Not Included

    Personality Not Included

    by Rohit Bhargava
    Item #: 3020
    Personality can make your customers passionate about your brand. Personality inspires trust, and trust can build customer loyalty. In this social media era where identities are shaped as much by perception as communication, marketing becomes more about building relationships with customers than about traditional selling. Rohit Bhargava details the theory of personality and explains how to put it into action effectively.
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  • Image of The New Age of Innovation

    The New Age of Innovation

    by CK Prahalad, MS Krishnan
    Item #: 3019
    In the new age of innovation and corporate growth, business processes must be able to smoothly connect consumers and resources and at the same time manage the necessities that ensure efficiency and flexibility. Managers must become skilled at real-time actions that are event and consumer specific. Leaders will need to imagine and inspire. To accomplish the transformation that companies are faced with in order to compete globally, Prahalad and Krishnan offer a strategic plan.
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  • Image of The Trillion Dollar Meltdown

    The Trillion Dollar Meltdown

    by Charles R. Morris
    Item #: 30HTFS
    The Trillion Dollar Meltdown explains the arcane financial instruments, chicanery, policy misjudgments, dogmas and delusions that created the greatest credit bubble in world history. It also warns that continual denial and concealment could cause the crisis to stretch out for years if financial and government leaders continue to downplay the problem. Charles Morris helps readers understand how the world economy has been put on the brink — and the radically reshaped political/econo
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