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  • Image of The Age of Turbulence

    The Age of Turbulence

    by Alan Greenspan
    Item #: FBR0208
    A Soundview Featured Book Review
    After serving 18.5 years as Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Alan Greenspan has set pen to paper to bring his fascinating life story to millions of readers. Starting The Age of Turbulence with the tale of his personal life he then moves on to discuss the nature of the past, present and future economy, with the final chapter focused on a forecast for the year 2030.
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  • Image of The Art of Woo

    The Art of Woo

    by G Richard Shell, Mario Moussa
    Item #: 3005
    According to Shell and Moussa, “Woo” is the ability to win people over to your ideas without coercion, using relationship-based emotionally intelligent persuasion. It’s the secret of success with colleagues, clients and customers. The Art of Woo shows readers how this ability can strengthen their persuasion skills in every aspect of their lives by using the four-step Woo process — a repeatable strategy that translates ideas into reality.
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  • Image of The Soul of the Corporation

    The Soul of the Corporation

    by John Kimberly, Hamid Bouchikhi
    Item #: 3004
    Drawing on real-life stories from the world’s most prominent companies, The Soul of the Corporation shows how identity can be an extraordinarily valuable asset — and how, if not managed properly, it can become a huge liability. Discover how your firm’s identity is related to — and different from — its organizational culture, brand positioning and reputation. Learn how to manage the unconscious shared beliefs that give your organization coherence.
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