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  • Image of The Defining Moment

    The Defining Moment

    by Jonathan Alter
    Item #: FBR0109A
    A Soundview Featured Book Review
    In the course of every executive's career, he or she will inevitably run into moments that require a strong moral fiber. Issues of transparency and ethics are more prevalent now than at any other time in business. This book provides executives with insight into the keys to making the most difficult professional decisions. As the subtitle suggests, sometimes it's a decision between right... and right.
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  • Image of The 29% Solution

    The 29% Solution

    by Michelle Donovan, Ivan Misner
    Item #: 3103
    It is true that there are some people who are better connected than others. That means that “connecting” is a skill that can be acquired. This book will help you develop your networking skills, increase your connections, and become part of the roughly 29 percent of people who are, in fact, separated from the rest of the world by just six degrees.
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  • Image of In Search of the Obvious

    In Search of the Obvious

    by Jack Trout
    Item #: 3102
    In this summary, marketing guru Jack Trout clears up the confusion that surrounds the marketing profession. Instead of focusing on segmentation or customer retention or search engine optimization, marketers should be searching for that simple, obvious differentiating idea.
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  • Image of Who


    by Geoff Smart, Randy Street
    Item #: 3101
    In this book Geoff Smart and Randy Street provide a simple, practical and effective solution for the single biggest problem in business today: unsuccessful hiring. These “who” problems are easily preventable with Smart and Street’s A Method for Hiring, which, when implemented, has a 90 percent success rate.
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  • Image of Human Sigma

    Human Sigma

    by Jim Asplund, John H. Fleming, Ph.D.
    Item #: 31CTFS
    Human Sigma offers an innovative, research-based approach to one of the toughest challenges businesses face today: how to drive success by effectively managing the moments when employees interact with customers. The authors offer essential ideas for business leaders at all levels and show how sales and service companies can flourish in today's new global economy. Blending strategic analysis with hands-on, practical steps and advice, this book summary will change how you view your work,
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  • Image of Building a Values-Driven Organization

    Building a Values-Driven Organization

    by Richard Barrett
    Item #: 31BTFS
    The responsibility of leaders is to enhance, harness and direct the capacity and energy of their people toward virtuous and valuable ends. To achieve long-term success, the organization needs to have a solid foundation built on principles and values that act as a center of gravity. In business, you get what you target, design, measure, provide incentives for and are passionate about. This applies equally to principles and values, which need to be nurtured and directed through an effective whole-
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  • Image of The Extreme Future

    The Extreme Future

    by James Canton, Ph.D.
    Item #: 31ATFS
    Are you interested in the future of your industry? Where your future customers may come from? What about your current career — or your next one? If so, The Extreme Future will offer the insights that may help you derive the answers. James Canton charts a course to steer you through the volatile changes that lie ahead. The Extreme Future is the essential guide for what's next and how to navigate the trends that will shape the future of business, markets and society. He cha
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